About Us

Vitax has raised the bar in the nutritional supplement industry by committing to the highest quality standard to ensure that our customers could enjoy full benefits from our products. The ingredients used in all products are carefully selected from the highest quality sources where the cost is no object. Through extensive research and development, we have continuously developed products based on our customer needs with the aim to help our customers improving the quality of their lives.

Our commitment in quality standard reflects our dedication to produce the highest-quality supplement using the latest technologies in the state-of-the-art facilities. Our manufacturing and packaging processes are done in clean room facility to ensure that the products will be free from undesired contaminant.

VitaX prides itself on its ability to meet consumer expectations and satisfy product demand. From the moment raw ingredients enter Absolute Capz facility until the finished product appears in stores, we work hard to ensure no detail is overlooked and each product provide maximum benefit to the consumer.